Wastewater Design



Bosque Engineering specializes in design and permitting of wastewater treatment systems less than 1.0 mgd. This includes:

Design standard septic systems for individual homes.
- Chamber, and rock and gravel systems.
- Conduct site/soils analysis.
- Prepare permits for submittal to local agencies.

Alternative septic systems for individual homes with a variety of systems that match the needs of the homeowner.
- Wisconsin Mound: Least expensive treatment/disposal system.
- Constructed Wetland: Suitable for continuously occupied residences, great for attracting wildlife.
- Orenco textile filter: Good to 10,000 gpd, very high quality system with remote monitoring.
- Norweco: Least expensive aerobic system.

Large septic systems and treatment systems for flows between 3,000 gpd and 24,000 gpd.
- May qualify for general aquifer protection permit; otherwise individual APP.
- Commercial enterprises with high strength effluent or special requirements
- Textile filter and wetlands can be used under a general APP permit

Treatment plants and constructed wetlands are designed for systems >24,000 gpd.
- Planning, Design and Value Engineering
..........Extended Air, SBR, MBR, solids handling and recharge system